Once upon a time... The Arcachon Basin

The dune of Pilat

The Dune of Pilat, it is : 109m high, 500m wide, 2700m long and 60 millions m3 of sand.

The highest in Europe, the Dune of Pilat offers a stunning panoramic view over the pines forest, the Banc d'Arguin, the Ocean and the Cap Ferret

Birds Island

An authentic island in the middle of the Bay, a refuge between land and water that owes it's name to the maritime birds that come here to rest and feed.

From all around two houses on stilts, built over the water can be seen : The Tchanquees Hunts, symbol of th Birds Island.

You can come close to them by boat. Arcachon boatmen organise cruises :http://www.bateliers-arcachon.com/

- Cap Ferret

The Cap Ferret peninsula is located between the sea and the forest. You can discover various and wonderful landscapes : the ocean beaches on one side and the ports and oyster-farmin villages on the other side : Le Canon, L'herbe ...

- Arcachon

The 4-seasons city : the Winter Town, elegant and charming quarter with its typical houses ; The Summer Town and its quarter in front of the sea ; The Autumn Town with its port and the Sping Town, built aound the Abailles spring water and the Pereire Beach